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Amazon Accounts Optimization: A Case Study on Enhancing Sales and Market Reach for US Clients

Case Summary:

This case study is about making an Amazon account better to amplify sales and expand market reach. By studying the account and conducting necessary analyses, we proceeded to make changes such as targeted optimizations, including refining product listings, implementing advertising campaigns, and fostering customer engagement. Merdia experienced substantial enhancements as a result. These efforts resulted in heightened visibility, increased buyer engagement, and improved customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to a significant surge in sales and profits. The case study underlines the importance of continuous improvement, staying on top of things, and constantly making enhancements to succeed in the marketplace.

- Objective:

The primary objective of this case study was to highlight the importance of continuous improvement and proactive management in maximizing sales potential on the Amazon platform.

- Challenges/Issues

The project faced several challenges, primarily due to the shop’s account being completely fresh at the start. The absence of listings necessitated comprehensive research into the category and careful analysis of individual products. Overcoming these challenges was crucial, as the shop specialized in farming-related products.

Nevertheless, by accurately categorizing the items and executing robust sales strategies, significant progress was achieved.

Key Strategies Implemented:

- Title Optimization

Title optimization is crucial for maximizing the visibility and sales potential of a product on Amazon. So, after conducting thorough keyword research, we optimized titles to include high-search volume keywords, enhancing organic ranking and attracting more potential buyers.

Amazon Title optimization services

- Bullet Points

Bullet points in product listings were initially underutilized. We incorporated pertinent keywords into bullet points after comprehensive keyword research, improving the performance of listings and increasing visibility to potential customers.

- Listing Images

The accounts listings lacked high-quality lifestyle and infographic images in our listing. Amazon recommends adding high-quality lifestyle images and infographics as well, showing different features of the product.

By adding visually appealing lifestyle images and informative infographics, We enhanced product attractiveness, leading to increasing conversion rates.

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- A+ Content

Prior to optimization, Our product listings lacked A+ content. A+ content is a potent tool for Amazon sellers and brand owners, enabling them to elevate their product listings, boost sales, enhance customer engagement, and foster brand loyalty.

Upon integrating A+ content, sales volume witnessed a noticeable increase, underscoring the importance of enhanced product presentation for driving sales.

Amazon Listing A+ Content Services
Amazon Listing A+ Content Services

- Keywords Analysis

Before optimization, our listing had only 99 keywords, which had 16 top keywords, but after we optimized the listing, The number of keywords increased from 99 to 672, with the top 50 keywords driving incremental sales growth each day. Optimizing keywords significantly expanded Merdia’s visibility on Amazon.

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- Listing Quality Dashboard Analysis

Identifying and rectifying missing attributes in the Listing Quality Dashboard enabled Merdia to enhance traffic and sales for its listings. By addressing these deficiencies, Merdia improved indexing and visibility, facilitating greater exposure to potential buyers.

Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard Analysis
Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard Analysis

- Sales Analysis

Amazon Sales Analysis

- Campaigns Analysis and PPC Ads Strategies:

By refining PPC advertising strategies, Merdia achieved notable improvements in campaign effectiveness.

Initially, we had 36 active campaigns and zero active portfolios. Presently, we’ve expanded to 77 active campaigns distributed across nine portfolios, each employing distinct strategies

Campaigns Analysis and PPC Ads Strategies Results

- PPC Ads Strategies Applied

  • We added non-performing keywords to negative targeting to avoid spending.
  • We enhanced bids for keywords likely to drive conversions, aiming to boost sales.
  • We utilized various targeting methods, including product and category targeting, sponsored brand ads, and sponsored product ads.
  • We conducted daily keyword monitoring to fine-tune bid optimization.
  • We increased budgets for campaigns showing strong performance.