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A Strategic Overhaul: Resolution of Amazon Account Health, Visibility & Credibility, Competition, and declining sales Issues


In November 2023, Marcos Ballester, a part-time Amazon seller, partnered with our team to address challenges in his business. The key focus areas included improving Amazon Account Health, enhancing product listings, and overcoming declining sales.

- Setbacks & Complications

Upon analysis, it was identified that Marcos’ Amazon Account Health VTR was below the recommended 95%, posing a risk of restrictions on non-FBA items. Additionally, his product listings lacked reviews, and sales had been on a declining trend in the preceding months.

- Strategic Objectives

Improve Amazon Account Health to prevent potential restrictions.

1. Enhance product listings for improved visibility and credibility.
2. Enhance PPC advertising performance while reducing ACOS.
3. Overcome declining sales and establish a foundation for sustained growth.

- Approach Devised & Taken:

Account Health Improvement:

We closely monitored and addressed issues affecting Account Health, ensuring compliance with Amazon policies. Through strategic measures, the Account Health was successfully improved, mitigating potential restrictions and laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Listing Enhancement and Reviews:

Strategic efforts were employed to obtain 50 ratings for product listings. We optimized listings by incorporating competitor-researched keywords and refining details such as titles, images, A+ content, and copies. This resulted in a significant improvement in product performance on the platform.

Competitor & Market Analysis:

A detailed analysis of competitors and market trends was conducted, identifying opportunities for improvement. Recognizing a favorable market potential with lower competition, tailored strategies were devised to capitalize on these conditions. Effective keyword utilization and compelling listing content were crafted to maximize product visibility and appeal.

- The Effect

Performance Metrics Before Spectrum (October Sales):

In October, total sales were $6,576.76, with $1616.55 spent on PPC advertising, resulting in $3,413.33 in PPC sales.

October Total Sale
October PPC
November Success:

Implementation of various optimizations led to a substantial increase in sales. Total sales in November soared to $17,357.70, with 730 units ordered. The PPC campaign generated $7,211.98 in sales, with 2104.25 PPC spend and a 29.18% ACOS.

November Total
November PPC
December Achievements and Overcoming Challenges:

Despite inventory issues and a product going out of stock, total sales in December reached $76,328.46, with 3,055 units ordered. The PPC campaign spent $13,216.19, generating $47,456.03 in sales, showcasing improved efficiency and ROI with an impressive 27.87% ACOS.

December Total
December PPC
January Progress and Ongoing Improvement:

As of January 16th, ordered product sales amounted to $27,290.47, highlighting sustained success despite the unavailability of a specific product.

January PPC Progress

- Wrap-up & Inference

Collaborative efforts and a strategic approach have yielded remarkable results for Marcos Ballester. By addressing account health, optimizing listings, conducting thorough market analysis, and overcoming challenges, significant improvements have been achieved. Marcos is now well-positioned for continued success, and the team remains dedicated to further optimizing and expanding his Amazon presence in the future.
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