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A Case Study on Elevating Sales and Organic Ranking through Strategic Optimization

Project Background:

Amazon Seller, Elizabeth, approached our team for assistance in optimizing her Amazon product listing in May. At the time, Elizabeth had a single ASIN in her Amazon catalog, and her listing was lacking essential keywords and effective content. Over the course of our engagement, we worked to enhance her Amazon presence and improve her sales performance.


1- Inadequate Keyword Optimization:

Elizabeth’s product listing lacked important keywords in its title, description, and bullet points, which hindered its discoverability on the Amazon platform.

2- Limited Budget:

Elizabeth faced budget constraints, which made it

3- Need for Improved Organic Ranking:

The primary objective was to improve the organic ranking of her product, reduce reliance on PPC campaigns, and enhance sales.


Upon commencing our collaboration, we assessed Elizabeth’s existing Amazon product listing and identified significant areas for improvement. We conducted extensive keyword research and developed compelling content for her product listing, including a title, description, and bullet points that incorporated vital keywords. We implemented the “MALDIVES” method, a strategic approach, which involved optimizing the listing and utilizing effective keywords to boost its visibility. This initial effort resulted in a notable increase in revenue:

  • Revenue: $2,045
  • Units Sold: 62
  • PPC Spend: $172


In June, we continued to work with Elizabeth, and she entrusted us with a monthly budget of $400. To further enhance her product listing and increase its appeal to potential customers, we added A+ content and video elements. Through our strategic planning, we successfully improved the organic ranking of her keywords. This, in turn, resulted in substantial sales growth while maintaining a low PPC spend:

  • Revenue: $5,740
  • Units Sold: 175
  • PPC Spend: $425


Our collaboration with Elizabeth produced impressive results. By addressing the challenges and optimizing her product listing, we achieved the following outcomes:

  • Revenue growth from $2,045 to $5,740 in just two months.
  • A notable increase in units sold from 62 to 175 units within the same timeframe.
  • Efficiently managed PPC spend, demonstrating that strategic keyword targeting can lead to high conversions.
  • Developed a strong and trustful working relationship with Elizabeth, who is now preparing to launch a new product.


Through the implementation of the aforementioned strategies, the organic shop experienced substantial improvements:

Sales Growth: Initially, sales were minimal. However, after optimizing listings, improving graphic design elements, and launching targeted PPC campaigns, the shop witnessed a notable increase in sales compared to the previous year. The comprehensive approach contributed to a significant boost in revenue and overall performance.

- Conclusion

Our collaboration with Amazon Seller Elizabeth has showcased the benefits of effective keyword optimization and strategic content enhancement on the Amazon platform. We have not only met but exceeded her objectives by significantly increasing her sales and revenue while minimizing PPC spend, paving the way for future success in her Amazon business. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting her in her upcoming product launch.